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Venture Beyond the Venice Tourist Trail with Aperol’s Life View

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To the world, Venice is a beautiful city of waterways, lagoons, and endlessly photographed bridges. While the most famous corners of the city might be well known, it is the people and their welcoming attitude to life that makes it a unique place, and theirs is a lesser told story.

Powered by Google technology, Aperol is drawing on its deep-rooted connectivity to its adopted home, Venice, to share the unseen joy of life and its moments of spontaneous conviviality that is at the beating heart of one of the world’s oldest cities.

Uncovering the authenticity and connectivity that happens as a part of life on the unseen side of the city, Aperol has created ‘Life View’ – hosted on Google Maps Street View, which invites viewers to travel on previously uncaptured waterways in just a few clicks.

Using brand new 3600 footage, Aperol’s unique ‘Life View’ will also invite viewers to explore Venice for themselves through an interactive map. The innovative footage brings a sense of immersion, capturing the spontaneous interactions that occur between the locals who work and live on the canals, and how their embracing attitude to life brings joy to the daily connections they create.

Supporting local organizations from the city that are responsible for embedding the Aperol Spritz into its Aperitivo culture, the content sees specialized glass blowing artists from Wave Murano Glass and generationally maintained Gondolier Association and sporting association, Venice on Board interacting with other authentic Venetians.

The footage of Google Maps ‘Life View’ opens with Terrazza Aperol’s Head Chef Samuele Silvestri and Sous Chef Andrea Dei Rossi as he journeys along a stunning, yet lesser-known, waterway to pick up fresh produce from local supplier Donna Gnora. The embracing interaction between the locals is captured at eye-level, bringing a new perspective of viewer participation into the story. Expertly transporting the Chefs along the waterways is Emiliano Simon, co-founder of Venice on Board.

Sharing a light-hearted exchange together, they navigate the waterways effortlessly with the camera following them and capturing the vibrancy and joy around every corner.

While many people are familiar with traditional gondolas, the ‘Life View’ footage goes on to reveal exactly how generations of Venetians continue to keep the unique tradition and craft of gondolas alive in a modern world. From Venice’s Gondolier Association, Benedetta and Aldo Reato, together with the current president of the Association, Andrea Balbi share a day in the life of navigating some of the known and lesser-known canals of Venice. Alongside this, they visited local artisan, Lorenzo della Toffola of the Squero San Trovaso, to give viewers an insight into the specific methods used to restore and repair gondolas.

Local artist and Wave Murano Glass founder, Roberto Beltrami, together with his team, is featured with a nod to the rich history of artists in Venice, as he unveils a piece of art that he has been working on using recycled Aperol bottles. The art piece was meticulously crafted using 40 recycled Aperol bottles, donated by Terrazza Aperol.

Aperol has deep roots in Venice; being created in 1919 by founders Luigi and Silvio Barbieri at the International Trade Fair of Padova, soon its lively orange vibe quickly caught the attention of the nearby city, as local bars served the convivial drink as the perfect Aperitivo moment, alongside bite size snacks. It was here in Venice, Aperol’s adopted home, that the vibrant aperitif rose to the global fame that it now holds.

Campari Group Chief Marketing Officer, Julka Villa, said: “Venice, the city where the aperitivo culture flourished, is at the core of Aperol’s long heritage and today’s contemporary spirit. It has informed our values and shaped our distinctive style. To uncover, share and celebrate Venice in its entirety is a very proud moment, and is our way of giving back to the city and Venetians. It is so much more than the classic Instagram photos we are used to seeing, and through this initiative we hope to share the depth of the joy that is there to explore above the surface of the famous waterways.”

Shot on an Insta360 Pro 2 cameras in 8K 3D VR, the Street View-ready content captures every detail in every direction. Viewers will also be able to explore an interactive map that features the 360° content with geo tags, bringing the hidden waterways, undiscovered gems and local stories right into the palms and homes of viewers.

Aperol’s ‘Life View’, powered by Google technology, is available to explore here from February 2024, and the interactive map can be enjoyed here. Please visit for more information.

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