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Por Osos

Bert Kreischer And Tom Segura Unleash Premium Vodka Brand

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Entertainment powerhouses Bert Kreischer and Tom Segura are set to disrupt the spirits industry with the launch of their premium vodka, Por Osos.

Known for their friendship and unfiltered humor, the duo is teaming up with Drip MFG, a leading venture studio specializing in celebrity Consumer Packaged Goods brands, to bring this venture to life.

Por Osos, translated from Spanish (because of Tom Segura’s Peruvian background, and Spanish speaking deep cuts), meaning “for the bears” is a play on their top comedy podcast “2 Bears, 1 Cave”. This vodka is by the bears (Bert and Tom), for the bears – their audience!

This gluten-free vodka stands out by using only premium ingredients, including non-GMO wheat, and a patented finishing process from Persedo CRAFT technology that sets it apart in a crowded market. The result is a smooth, unparalleled sip that promises to elevate the drinking experience for enthusiasts and novices alike. A top-shelf taste, but at a reasonable mid-market retail price.

Drip MFG, renowned for its expertise in creating successful celebrity-driven CPG brands, will be overseeing the operational aspects of the business, ensuring a seamless and efficient launch into the competitive spirits market.

To facilitate the brand’s entry into the market, the brand has secured a strategic partnership with Mexcor Distribution, a leading distributor with a strong presence in California, Texas, and Florida. The partnership aims to make the premium vodka accessible to consumers in these key markets starting March 1, 2024.

“I couldn’t be more excited about launching this brand with my best friend, Bert. We’ve always approached everything we do with a mix of passion and humor, and this is no different. Crafting a premium vodka and sharing it with everybody is a dream come true. Get ready to taste the laughs and the quality – it’s going to be a wild ride!” said Tom Segura.

Kreischer added, “This is an idea Tom and I have thrown around for so long, and we’ve really taken our time to do this the right way, our way. It’s not just something for us, it’s for our fans who have been along this ride with us for years – they know how to work hard but they also know how to play hard. I’ve always been a vodka guy so it was such a no-brainer for us to do something that flipped celebrity liquor on its head and bring a little comedy to the bar scene.”

This venture marks the comedians’ foray into the spirits industry, adding another layer to their multifaceted careers. As they step into the world of premium vodka, Kreischer and Segura aim to make a lasting impression on the industry with their signature blend.

“Tom Segura and Bert Kreischer bring a level of authenticity and creativity that perfectly aligns with our vision at Drip MFG. We’re thrilled to partner with these comedic powerhouses on the launch of their brand. The blend of their humor and our expertise in celebrity-driven CPG brands is a recipe for success. This venture represents the exciting intersection of entertainment and consumer products, and we’re confident that the market will be as enthusiastic about this premium vodka as we are. Get ready for a new standard in the spirits industry.” said Ryan Quinn, CEO of Drip MFG.

“Mexcor is excited to be working with Tom and Bert along with the Por Osos Team on this exciting project! It is great to have people that know how to have fun, so passionate about a project like this. When you taste the product, you will understand their commitment to quality and doing this the right way! We are honored to be their distributor of choice in these key markets!” said Russell Motz, CRO of Mexcor.

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