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Wine Collection Management Platform InVintory Launches New Luxury Tier

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InVintory, the leading wine collection management app, is pleased to announce the launch of their new high-end tier, Opus, which is centered upon their ability to develop personalized, interactive wine cellar models for customers worldwide.

While overseeing a wine collection sounds like an exciting endeavor, more often than not, it can become an extremely cumbersome task. With the more bottles amassed, the more logistical and organizational problems arise. Many collectors have trouble keeping track of all the bottles bought, the details on the bottles (such as the purchase price, whether they were gifted, etc.), and exactly where they’ve put each bottle in their cellar. All of these frustrations take collectors’ time away from the very reason they started collecting in the first place – to enjoy their wines.

InVintory was founded in 2018 by a retired physician turned wine collector with the goal of taking the complexity out of collecting. Originally launched as a freemium subscription mobile app, InVintory has been honing its proprietary 3D technology and working with a small group of elite wine collectors as beta users to finally launch their newest high end tier: Opus by InVintory.

The concept is simple: Opus is effectively a smart home solution for wine cellars. InVintory builds a custom 3D model of a wine cellar down to the exact wooden case or magnum bottle, which is unlocked on an iPad that is stationed at the cellar door. This allows customers to easily and visually find any bottle at the tap of a button.

“We’ve spent the past few years developing this first-of-its-kind proprietary technology to create Opus,” says InVintory’s Co-Founder and CEO Jeff Daiter, “This product really brings your cellar to life which is truly exciting. The technology was developed as a result of continued feedback from our current valued customers which makes us confident in the future of Opus’ success in 2023 and beyond.”

The platform also includes a host of other thoughtful features such as stackable 3D wooden cases, temperature and humidity sensor integration, insight into collection value (which is great for insurance or investment purposes), and more.

InVintory also pairs clients with certified wine experts and sommeliers, who provide the service of onboarding and organizing the cellar, making it a seamless experience from end to end.

For more information, please visit and @invintory.

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