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Jøyus Brings a new Dimension to Sober Living

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We all know that cutting back on our alcohol intake is good for our health. In addition to lowering our risk for high blood pressure, liver disease, alcohol-free living removes the pressure of dealing with hangovers as well as all the long-term health/life issues that come with it.

Jøyus is saving you from the unnecessary stress of drinking and bland drinks by crafting delicious, health-conscious, and sophisticated non-alcoholic wine to support all sober journeys.

Sober for the last 17 years, founder Jess Selander knows all too well the left-out feeling that came with a girl’s night filled with wine. Her friends provided alternatives like any good friends would, but a cran and soda just doesn’t have the same feeling as popping a cork and drinking bubbly goodness out of beautiful glasses.

The joy in Jøyus comes from the level and quality of care that goes into the entire bottle. The chic-looking label and weighty glass bottle give the look and feel you expect. Jøyus also takes the time to ensure you get the same balance, body, and aroma as your favorite wine, so you aren’t left wanting.

Even the best wine connoisseurs in the world recognize the quality and superior taste Jøyus is dedicated to providing.

The Jøyus mission is simple: help people everywhere on their sober journey. Maybe that’s for an hour, a night, 9 months, or the rest of your life. No matter how long, no matter the reason, Jøyus’s got your back.

Each wine is made in the USA and bottled and labeled using sustainable methods and materials.

Jøyus comes in three varities – a NA sparkling wine, a NA rosé, and a NA sparkling rosé. Each is less than 0.5% alcohol by volume and start at $22.99 retail.

The company has already picked up multiple awards. Its flagship NA sparkling wine won Bronze in The San Francisco International Wine Competition and Bronze in the International Wine and Spirits Competition (IWSC) in London. Its sparkling rosé meanwhile won Gold in The San Francisco International Wine Competition.

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